My name is Nadine, my roots are German but my heart has settled amongst the rolling hills of England’s Peak District. At the time I’m writing this introduction I’m a mid-thirty-something homeschooling mum with a strong love for tea and words.

I journeyed to this “small” island of the north-west coast of Europe nearly a decade ago (with nothing more than love, hope and a VW Van full of my personal belongings), after meeting my favourite Englishman on the other side of the world. I quickly fell for the green hills and independent spirit. Today the Englishman and I share a typical English terraced house, an overgrowing allotment and a carefully curated collection of houseplants (our oldest being Dave the Geranium). In 2016 we were joined by our first daughter, which we named after our favourite Road Dahl character; and in 2021 we’re expecting to add to our family.

Although I long to be a writer and maker (hence this journal), I also enjoy getting muddy while pottering around in the allotment or splashing through countryside puddles followed by a hearty pub lunch. Indoors, I can often be found curled up on the sofa to some good telly (I’m especially partial to German and British crime shows) or with a good book (Harry Potter is probably my all time favourite; not surprising then that I ended up living in England).

I was a dish washing girl, when I first met the Englishman and still haven’t recovered from my inexplicable fondness for washing up.

The Project

A MAKER’S JOURNEY is a yearlong project, challenging me to no longer neglect two of my longest held desires: Making and Writing.

From the 20th March 2021, spring equinox, I will sew through the entire stash of unused fabrics and accumulated garments in my studio. Sharing each make and its story here in the journal.

Although entirely different in its form and aim, this project is hugely inspired by Elise Joy’s MAKE36.
In the year I choose EXPERIMENT as my word of the year, Elise’s enthusiasm for making and creating ignited a fire to finally just make and write and combine the two in a fun challenge that breathes some life back into this corner of the internet.

It was the early days of autumn 2016 when Of Hawthorn and Hares was initially created. The aim then was to document our family’s journey in the making of a wholesome home. But like the fabric stacks in my studio it merely ended up gathering dust.

While THE MAKER’S JOURNEY reignited the virtual pen it also shifted the focus of the journal. Yet, the blog shall remain true to the original spirit in which it was created: To step in to community with all the homemakers, who so generously share their creations, thoughts and wisdom online in the art of making a home. Like Jessica from SugarhouseWorkshop, Bethany from Cloistered Away, Elise from Elise Joy, Alyson from AlysonSimplyGrows and Katrien from GrowingWildThings to name a few of my favourites.

One of the key elements of this project is to not just make, but to create things with curiosity and necessity in mind. Drawing inspiration for my creations from the needs that arise in our home and thus honouring the frugality, care and ethics of those homemakers that have inspired me for so long.

Final Fun Fact

The name of this blog Of Hawthorn and Hares is of course an alliteration (alas loosely) inspired by Steinbeck, bringing together two of the things that make our house the home it is. The hawthorn derives from the untamed hedges that surround our allotment; while Mr Hare (and his now long lost son) are our daughter’s most loved and well-mended toy.