Our Favourite Autumn Reads (2 Years and Under)

The Reading Nook / Monday, October 15th, 2018

How do you like your books? Neatly lined up in rows on book shelves? Organised by colour? Spread across your coffee table to browse or just a few on your night stand? 

In our house books come in piles. Piles on the floor in the living room, piles in the play corners, piles in the bathroom, piles in the study. And a huge pile tucked into a harvest basket next to my bedside.

This small and regularly curated collection hosts our most favourite books of the season. It is a mixture between our littlest lady’s favourite stories and seasonal themed books that I choose. As I’m always on the hunt for beautiful children’s books, I like to make use of our growing library by adding some fresh stories to the basket every now and then. The seasonal connection might be represented through the storyline, illustrations or simply the colour scheme and reflects on natures’ appearance as well as seasonal celebrations.
Every evening the littlest lady gets to choose two books from the basket for her bedtime read – one English book and one German. Although we aren’t too strict on the language balance. 

At the moment she’s particularly drawn to foxes, hedgehogs and other woodland animals, which ties in wonderfully with autumn. But she also loves stories that feature pictures of the night sky and adventures involving dogs: Nell, the Detective Dog being her latest obsession.

The story of daring detective dog Nell is currently one of the most text intense books in the basket. A very recent addition, after a developmental jump in her language and concentration now allows us to enjoy longer stories together. Most books in our autumn selection still follow the same rules that we found defines a good book for children under 2 in German and English: around 10 pages long, simple language preferable in rhymes, only a few sentences per page, detailed illustrations to explore the story further. 

Have a look what’s in our basket for autumn 2018 and if you’ve got a favourite to add, please leave a comment below! 


On The Night You Were Born
Fox’s socks
Detective Dog Nell
Hairy Maclary’s bone
Room on the Broom
Pippa and Pelle in the Autumn Wind


Laterne, Laterne Lieselotte
Der Fuchs sucht seine Socken
Schlaf schön, kleiner Igel
Die Eule mit der Beule
Der Biber hat Fieber
Der Fuchs hört einen Mucks
10 Kleine Burggespenster
Für Hund und Katz ist auch noch Platz
Pippa und Pelle im Brausewind

For your convenience I’ve linked (not affiliate!) the books to Amazon (UK for English, DE for German), as I don’t know how much access you might have to other retailers. However, I encourage you to source the books through your local book shops instead, if it isn’t too much trouble. It helps them and your community. If you are based in Germany, check out the Mayersche as many of our books have been discovered and purchased there through the kind and knowledgeable support of their staff.

2 thoughts on “Our Favourite Autumn Reads (2 Years and Under)

  1. There is a book written by Eric Carle (the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar) it’s called The Tiny Seed. I believe it’s suitable from age 2 onwards. We still have and read this book many years later, even though my son is 6. It’s a lovely gentle seasonal story starting with Autumn and the wind blowing. If you don’t know this one, find a copy.

    1. Oh Hanna, this sounds like a wonderful story. I’m familiar with Eric Carle, the Hungry Caterpillar is well loved in this house, but have never heard of The Tiny Seed. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

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