Simple (Choc-Free) Adventcalendar

The Living Room / Friday, December 1st, 2017

As mentioned before, my Englishman isn’t the most grateful reciever of chocolate-containing advent calendars, so for two years running now I have resolved to something else instead. It’s a wonderful excuse to get all these lovely photos of your camera roll too!

This Calendar was printed, purchased and assembled within a day, keeping it simple and low key for the ever-growing to-do list before Christmas. It’s therefore also a handy last-minute option (if you should need one ;).

Ingredients (for my 2017 version):
+ photoalbum (mine is a simple black cardstock one with 6x4inch wallets)
+ Calligraphy (or else) black marker
+ 24 envelopes
+ 24 (or more) printed photos (two for Christmas Eve e.g.)
+ 24 (or more)  white stickers for notes on the back


+ Get your pictures printed at your local print shop. I used Boots here in the UK. The pictures came right off my phone and were ready within an hour. I find the quality of the prints decent for this purpose. But you better decide that for yourself.
+ While your in town, get a photoalbum and some plain white stickers and envelopes.
+ Back at home stick a sticker each onto the back of the printed pictures and make a note of when and where the picture was taken.
+ Then number the envelopes. I decided to write the numbers in words across the address side of the envelopes, but you could simply write the numerals or even use numbered stickers, stamps etc.
+ Now fill your envelopes with the pictures. I always put two pictures into the no. 24 and also two into no. 6 (St Niklas Day!).
+ Display your envelopes in a basket (or else) with the photoalbum next to it and get excited for the 1st of December!

Happy Holidays!

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