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The Dining Room / Monday, February 11th, 2019

As I pledged on Friday, this year I’m attempting to write a birthday card to every close friend and family member who’s birthday I know of. But in order to achieve this I needed to get organised first. What I wanted was a simple storage solution for birthday cards, stamps and addresses, allowing me to have everything at hand when the monthly batch writing session comes around.

I really liked this idea from Heather at Growing Spaces. Although I was hoping to find something less space invasive. Eventually I came across this organiser from Busy Bee on the internet and immediately loved the set-up. The design, however, not so much. A bit clueless on how to solve my dilemma I went to peruse the aisles of my local craft store and found a 8×8 scrapbook. Obviously it was lacking the pouches but that was actually a rather easy fix. The look is a lot simpler but that just ensures I will like it as much in 5 years as now. To be honest, I’m rather chuffed how it turned out and it has proven itself on the first round of card writing already. February birthday kids are all accounted for!

How to make a Birthday Card Organiser

This project took about two hours (or one nap time depending how you count) and didn’t involve more than a 8x8inch scrapbook, a cutter, a ruler, white card stock, some glue and glue tape. Although the scrapbook is made of sturdy craft paper I wasn’t sure if the pages were strong enough to hold a larger number of cards at once and therefore decided to glue two pages together for each backing. If you find a scrapbook that has solid cardboard pages you might be able to forgo that step.

From the front I counted out three pages and then glued the latter two together, leaving me with a single page in front. Then I counted out the next three pages and repeated the glueing process. I did this until I had 13 sets of doubled-paged backings with a single page in front of each.
Then I cut the single pages down to 2/3 of their height. I placed a narrow strip of sticky tape at the bottom of each page as well as the side furthest away from the ring binder and glued them onto the double-paged backing to create a pouch. Due to the ring binder it was really easy to line the cards up on top of each other before pressing down to fixate the glue.

To finish things off I cut out 12 white paper cards and glued them on the front of each pouch – writing the month, days and subsequent birthdays onto them.

As I said, I’m rather pleased how this little craft turned out. The best thing about the card storage being a book is that it perfectly slots into our family office station – the beloved secretary in the dining room (see picture above!). Meaning, we always have it within reach.


If you haven’t read about my birthday card pledge yet or looking for some links to independent designers and illustrators with noteworthy cards, click this way.

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