Good Bye Dust Mites

OHAH - The Column / Friday, April 20th, 2018

Climbing out of the slightly damp warmth of the cellar felt like reaching a mountain top this past Sunday. Deep down in the belly of the house the low rumble of the ever turning tumble dryer could still be heard, but in the dining room the air was fresh and through the window the bare garden fence sometimes glimmered golden in the sunshine.

I don’t know if our house just gets over-crowded with dust mites or four months of darkness are simply enough winter. But come April the warmth of our well heated little terraced house turns from cosy to stuffy for me and I just want to clear it all out. Easter therefore never felt better timed than this year, marking the lengthening of the days with its reminder about reawakening. Resulting in an unanticipated yet most welcomed enthusiasm for spring clean month. Our luggage bags had barely hit the home ground after our little Easter holiday when I pulled out all our clothes, washed, dried and swapped until all the heavy winter coats were gone and wardrobe bare except for my summer dresses. (I’ll sure regret this as soon as April shows its cold face again, but for now I simply relish in the feeling of accomplishment.)

When Sunday came round, I even turned it up a notch and embarked on the laborious journey of stripping the beds, turning the mattresses and washing all the beddings. Normally the last item I turn to from my spring clean list. Then I brought the carpet cleaner out and scrubbed and vacuumed our hallway back into rugged fluffiness.

I’m grateful for this empowering enthusiasm – no matter how tired I feel come 9pm – because I know how good it will feel coming out the other end. All dusted off and clean. It will set the tone for a great spring and activity filled summer, unbothered by those little nagging to-dos that winter sometimes leaves behind. There is no rush, however, to get it all done in a day. Instead I’ve infused my energy for the big Spring Clean into all our weekly to-dos; dotting my daily lists with extra tasks. Most prominently there was some extra love and care towards the hardest working household appliances throughout the last week. All winter they vacuumed, washed, dried and kept the house snug and tidy – it felt only fair to give them all a bit of a wipe down. I bet even a vacuum cleaner likes to feel fresh.

It’s a slow and steady climb this month of cleaning, mending and storing – until all is back in place and the house is full of fresh air and blooms. Another kind of cosy, I guess, and dust mite free.

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Oh and I almost forgot:

A quick word on tumble dryers: While the wet English weather makes ours a necessity all year round, I am looking forward to it taking fewer and fewer turns and the washing line outside starting to carry the load over the next months. Apart from how wonderfully fresh our clothes smell when dried outside there are plenty of other good reasons to ditch the dryer as often as possible. Read Homesong’s article on Line Drying if you’re curious.
And if you want to hit the refresh button yourself now and awaken your home for spring, may I point you to my Spring Clean List for guidance and moral support. 😉

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