Home is where the heart is, they say. Well, my heart then lies in England, in a small town house in a city situated in the midst of the Peaks. The Making of our Home happens widely between the four walls of our tiny terraced house and the overgrowing allotment just a short walk away. As our story unfolds each room, each corner, each dusty crease contributes in its own way – from the kitchen tale talking about homegrown vegetables to the living room chatter reminiscing in last weekend antics. 

Like our house, this blog keeps every contribution organised by the spaces they originated from or are inspired by. As you peruse the blog, you’ll wander through the rooms and corners of our house. Welcome then, grab a cuppa and I’ll show you around!

The Living Room/ is where we gather around the fire and share stories, literary since the installation of our stove. It’s where we play, listen to music, watch tv and lounge with our guests. It’s a room for living life and therefore shares the stories of ours: little snippets from our adventures near and far, thoughts on family life and stories about simple, natural family living.

The Dining Room/ holds in it’s centre our large dining table. Covered in an ever-changing mural of meals, mails and notes, its where we gather and dine, chat, ponder and craft together. Opposite the table against the chimney breast leans our beloved secretary – a heirloom from my late grandmother and the epitome of our family organisation. Situated between the kitchen and the living room this place holds our intentions, plans and values and shares our thoughts on meal planning, family rhythm, traditions and anything in-between.

The Kitchen/ Oftentimes referred to as the heart of the home, ours is actually a small offshoot room at the back of the house but nevertheless represents the nurturing foundation of our lives. It’s simply the place where we (more I) cook to feed ourselves. I’m not a passionate cook, but I am passionate about feeding my family wholesome home cooked meals and am happy to share my notes and recipes on that matter, from our seasonal menus to our family diet.

The Play Corner/ Really comes with a Plural s, as there are many in our house and all scattered about. They are in their essence open, evolving spaces for play and experimentation – from the mini kitchen outside the real one, to the train building station in the living room. From here we talk about our philosophy on children’s stuff, creating nurturing spaces and the toys and games we love.

The Reading Nook/ Not more than a bookshelf and a comfy seat, it takes our (and yours, if you like) imagination far and wide, as we share our favourite books and seasonal reads.

The Housekeeper’s Cupboard/ In our house it is just a ramshackle assortment of shelves in the cellar entrance, but it holds all our equipment for keeping a clean and tidy home. It’s a place to share our housekeeping routines, talk about the conundrums of modern (shared) housekeeping and discuss the finds from our exploration into eco-friendly, yet effective supplies.

The Allotment/ Only a short walk from our house, this is the place where we gather on a Sunday afternoon, to dig in and get muddy and while we’re no experts, I’d like to share from this corner what we learn and harvest from our little garden. Because you get so much more than just an apple tart from growing your own.

This is it. This is our house. Small maybe, but full of heart and always with an open door. Please, do come and visit whenever you like. I’d love to have you ponder with me, share your thoughts or just listen as I do like to ramble sometimes (most times).