Of Hawthorn and Hares – an alliteration loosely inspired by Steinbeck – brings together what makes our house a home. The Hawthorn derives from the untamed hedges that surround our allotment; while Mr Hare and his son are our daughter’s favourite cuddly toys.

The Author

Hi, I’m Nadine. Mama, Homemaker & Author of Of Hawthorn and Hares. My roots are German, but my heart has settled amongst the rolling hills of Sheffield, England.

Having met my favourite Englishman while travelling, I followed him in 2012 to his native island and quickly fell in love with the green hills and independent spirit. Today we share a typical tiny English terraced house, an overgrowing allotment and a carefully curated collection of house plants (our oldest being Dave, the Geranium). In September 2016 we were joined by our littlest lady, who we named after our favourite Roald Dahl character; and there is a rumour that we might hatch chickens soon…

If I’m not getting muddy pottering around in the allotment or homemaking with my littlest lady in tow, I like to splash through countryside puddles followed by a hearty pub lunch. If given the chance I can often be found curled up on the sofa to some good telly, I’m especially partial to British crime shows; I also love a good book and have an inexplicable fondness for washing up (I was a dish washing girl, when I first met my Englishman). Much of this is often accompanied by plenty cups of tea and a good load of life pondering.

The Journal

“What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…”
W. H. Davies

The Journal tells the stories of our life in England, where I fell in love with the simplicity and yet richness of growing our own and nurturing a seasonally inspired and sustainable family home. The years rush by so fast and I want to make the time to stand and stare; I want to remember the small moments that string together the narrative of our life. But most importantly I want to collect and share those moments amongst them that hold value for anyone on a similar journey.

The Shop

The Shop offers limited collections of handmade decorations and toys. Inspired by our family life, born from the plants that surround us and created within the walls of our house, these are truly from our home to yours. As a family we aim to surround ourselves with functional, beautiful and well-made objects that we truly love and will be a part of our lives for a long time. I therefore thrive to create buntings and toys that inspire you just as much; with simple designs and naturally dyed colours that withstand the test of time.


Of Hawthorn and Hares proudly accepts sponsorship partners in an effort to support the blog and likewise champion those companies that share our values. To offer the highest quality experience to the readers, these sponsorships appear within the context of our daily life and blog posts and are always clearly noted for readers. All visual and written content is crafted directly by me for Of Hawthorn and Hares.

If you are interested in working together, please email blog{at}ofhawthornandhares.co.uk.

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